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On occasions business improvements can be substantive projects involving large installations or more than one technology depending upon what your business wishes to achieve.

We work in partnership with specialist businesses that use City investment to support energy efficiency and renewable projects.  The money raised is invested through a number of schemes such as EIS (Enterprise Investment Schemes) and IHT (Inheritance Taxes).  The project assets are installed and once operational, produce qualifying renewable energy, allowing the special purpose vehicle company to benefit from the sale of Renewable Energy Certificates, Feed in Tariffs, and Renewable Heat Incentive.

Working in partnership with end users, funders and legal teams we create EPC and O&M contracts and commercial structures under which these projects are delivered.

Our solution is an off-balance sheet solution, which can allow organisations to participate in and reap the benefits of  energy-based projects without capital outlay.

Whatever the business energy requirement, Solar PV, Biomass, AD and Energy Efficiency and the integration of these technologies within the customer’s building we can provide access to financial investment,  even installing and operating them on behalf of your business.

This allows organisations to gain the business benefits of  strategic energy management with no capital outlay for the length of the investment. At the end of the investment period (which is normally 20 years but could vary dependent upon the investing partner’s terms) the fixed assets are handed over to you.