Murho (pronounced ‘mew-ro’)  Energy is a small business with wide-ranging capabilities. The objective is to provide long term value to commercial and industrial clients by providing practical and professional energy-focussed advice and services.

Under the auspices of climate-change mitigation a great deal of expenditure on energy-efficiency measures comes about because of legislative measures. For example; Display energy certificates (DECs), energy performance certificates (EPCs), climate change agreements, the CRC energy efficiency scheme for large users and now the energy saving opportunity scheme ESOS for enterprises that are not categorised as ‘small’.

As a result of these measures there is a lot of activity around energy efficiency, energy generation (locally generated renewable energy) and energy saving. Yes, a lot of activity but not necessarily of interest and commitment because of the mandatory nature of the legislation.

In reality, energy efficiency is a form of business improvement. A business that actively manages it’s energy consumption will:

  • Reduce running costs by 5%, maybe 10% or more per annum. How much is that worth?
  • reduce maintenance and repair bills because machinery and equipment are operating at optimum power
  • Increase it’s chances of winning tenders or securing new business because of improved environmental credentials.

The costs of instigating a considered energy management plan, within the strategic and financial constraints of a business, should be paid back, and more, over a relatively short period of time.

Murho Energy is a listening business. It is important to understand what you are wanting to achieve, why and how. There should be no off the shelf answers. Every business, just like every individual, is different.